The Beacon Center believes that a healthy respect for the taxpayer must be preserved by a government that stewards these dollars in a fiscally responsible manner. In short, we believe the economy benefits from taxpayers keeping more of their hard-earned money. In order to generate economic growth, we must maintain low taxes while state and local governments keep spending to a minimum. This is why we lead the charge to reduce and ultimately repeal the Hall Income Tax on investments, which accounted for less than 2 percent of state budgets while severely taxing the vulnerable nest-eggs of Tennessee seniors and stifled growth.

Beacon continues this mission to highlight waste, fraud, and abuse at the state and local level through its famous annual Pork Report and other means. In addition, Beacon has announced a new initiative aimed at stemming corporate handouts, which allow government to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on checks to wealthy corporations—essentially gambling public money by picking winners and losers.

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