Enter the Fight, Defend Our Rights

January 9, 2011 8:00AM

Welcome to “Enter the Fight, Defend Our Rights!” This is a campaign to encourage our new governor to join Florida and 21 other states in challenging the new federal healthcare law. As this fact sheet shows, the new law will create serious consequences for Tennesseans. Because the law represents an unprecedented invasion into the constitutional rights of Americans, many state governors and attorneys general have filed suit to stop the law from being implemented. So far, Tennessee Attorney General Bob Cooper has refused to enter the fight to defend Tennesseans’ healthcare rights. Gov. Haslam also has the ability to join the lawsuit. This campaign seeks to encourage Gov. Haslam to take a stand for Tennesseans by joining the many states that have already signed on to the Florida legal challenge. To help us encourage Gov. Haslam to enter the fight, send him an email below. Politely encourage him to do what’s right by joining the Florida legal challenge to the new federal healthcare law. Once you’ve made your voice heard, join our Facebook page and spread the word to your friends and family about the importance of this effort. Download our fact sheet and send it to anyone you think would be interested in the impact the new healthcare law will have on Tennessee and what can be done to protect Tennesseans’ rights. It’s imperative that Tennesseans encourage our state leaders, who are the last line of defense against an arrogant federal government, to “Enter the Fight, Defend Our Rights!”

Send Governor Haslam a Letter

Dear Gov. Haslam,

I am writing to urge you to join Florida’s legal challenge to the new federal healthcare. As I am sure you are aware, several states have joined together to protect their citizens’ rights against the new federal healthcare law. I believe strongly that this law is unconstitutional. It will force my family to purchase health insurance or face a fine. It will impose unfunded mandates on our state, further straining the state budget. And it will do nothing to lower healthcare costs and will erode access for many who already have health insurance.

Leaders in states like Florida and Virginia are forcing the federal government to prove that it has the constitutional authority to take over our healthcare system. A federal judge in Virginia has already ruled that the government does not have this authority, striking down portions of the new law as unconstitutional.

This fight isn’t over. As more states stand up against the federal government, it becomes more likely that the rights of Americans will be protected. It is important for Tennessee to become one of those states. Therefore, I am urging you, as our governor, to join the Florida legal challenge. Millions of Tennesseans are counting on you to stand up and defend their constitutional rights.

Thank you for your service to Tennessee.


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