Job Creator of the Week

February 8, 2011 1:21PM

Each week during the current session of the 107th Tennessee General Assembly, the Tennessee Center for Policy Research will offer a “Job Creator of the Week.” The job creator will be a public policy solution that TCPR has offered in one of its many publications that could potentially spur job creation in our state. Because Tennessee is experiencing a stagnant economy, now is a great time to focus on solutions that lead to job and economic growth, and our “Job Creator of the Week” will help state lawmakers do just that, while also promoting a free market solution to a current problem facing our state. This week’s job creating solution is: Golf Courses – Privatize state-run golf courses, allowing the private sector to make them profitable and saving taxpayers as much as $1.6 million every year For more information about this issue, read our 2010 Tennessee Pork Report. Past Job Creators: Week 1: Wine in Grocery Stores – reform Tennessee’s wine laws to allow food stores to sell the product Week 2: Charter Schools – expand opportunities for students to obtain a top-notch education by promoting the creation of new charter schools, including cyber school Week 3: Lawsuit Abuse Reform – enact comprehensive tort reform to curb lawsuit abuse, spurring job and economic growth to the tune of 577 jobs every single week Week 4: Hall Income Tax – repeal the Hall Income that deters investment in our state’s economy Week 5: Death Tax – reduce or repeal the state inheritance and estate taxes that deter investment in our state’s economy Week 6: Licensing Barriers – reduce the number of professions or occupations that require a license, freeing up entrepreneurs and small businesses to create jobs Week 7: Titling Acts – make it unlawful for the state to hold a monopoly on occupational titles, which result in job-killing regulations Week 8: Public-Private Partnerships – follow the lead of other states and pave the way for the private sector to contribute to the development of public transportation Week 9: Cyber charter schools – eliminate the ban on cyber charter schools in Tennessee, creating teaching jobs while bringing additional digital learning opportunities to thousands of students Week 10: Corporate Welfare – end the practice of subsidizing certain businesses with taxpayer money, which harms other businesses who do not receive the same preferential treatment Week 11: Fiscal Restraint – Cut wasteful spending, allowing Tennesseans to keep more of their hard-earned money for investing and spending, spurring job growth