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Unemployment extension hurts jobless and taxpayers

The Tennessean and WBIR-TV in Knoxville cover the ongoing debate to renew unemployment benefits before the end of the year. Beacon’s CEO Justin Owen cautions against the move:

“The more you extend unemployment benefits to someone who’s jobless, the less likely it is that they’ll take the necessary measures to go out and find a job,” said Justin Owen, CEO of the free-market think tank the Beacon Center of Tennessee. He supports the Republican plan of tying benefits to a work program.

“We’re not trying to attack those who have lost their jobs,” he said. “It’s the extension of it that’s become problematic. When you go from 26 weeks to 99 weeks, that’s a substantial expansion of this. And it’s not only an expansion that hurts the people it’s trying to help, it also hurts the taxpayers.”

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December 8th, 2011 | Recent News

Wasteful federal spending hits close to home

As Washington hits gridlock on the debt ceiling battle, the federal government continues to send millions of dollars to local communities for “non-traditional transportation purposes,” such as sidewalks, landscaping, and lighting, notes Tennessee Center for Policy Research President Justin Owen takes issue with the spending.

“At a time when our state and nation face a fiscal crunch, it appears that spending on ‘aesthetic’ and ‘cultural’ aspects of transportation is code for wasteful spending on political pet projects. Now is not the time to be spending millions of taxpayer dollars on pretty flowers and fancy lights,” [Owen said].

Click here to read the entire article by, titled “Federal cash funding sidewalks, bike-trails.”

July 29th, 2011 | Recent News

Taxpayers foot new West TN port

Despite acknowledging that private funds could have paid for a new port on the Mississippi River in West Tennessee, local officials secured $13 million in stimulus money to pay for the project. Further, while proponents claim that large companies such as ConAgra will bring business to the area, a company spokesman denies any such agreement. Read the entire story by editor Chris Butler here.

October 31st, 2010 | Recent News