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Taxpayer Advocates Question Free School Meals

Justin Owen was cited on Fox 17 at 9 PM last night in the discussion about Nashville Metro Schools giving free lunch to every student that goes to school.

“There is no such thing as a free lunch. Somebody has to pay for this and it’s going to be taxpayers,” says Justin Owen with the Beacon Center of Tennessee. Metro Schools estimates taxpayers will pick up an extra $10 million worth of free meals, even for the families who can afford to buy lunch. Tennessee’s Beacon Center, which tracks government waste, say that is the problem. “You’re adding people who really don’t need those goods or services, in this case, don’t need a free lunch, because they can afford to pay for it,” says Owen. Metro Schools says this program is a win for everybody because all children will be treated equally. Kindergartners through seniors in High School will eat breakfast and lunch for free when school returns August 6.

You can read the entire article here

June 17th, 2014 | Commentary

Why TN’s zero-tax street cred comes with an asterisk

This recent Forbes column exposes Tennessee’s income tax secret and notes Beacon’s success in telling the stories of those impacted by the Hall Income Tax.

…But, more importantly, tax policy affects real families and their ability to build a sustainable life. This report, published by The Beacon Center, gives real-life examples of how this little-known tax hurts retirees who have selected Tennessee because of it “no-income-tax” claims. The truth is that the Hall Tax penalizes seniors by creating unexpected retirement expenses. For one middle-class couple who has retired to Tennessee and primarily lives off the income of their hard-earned savings and investments, the Hall Tax came as a surprise. They now are finding themselves with the difficult decision of uprooting to a “true” no-income-tax state, such as Florida.

The report also tells the story of a successful Tennessee entrepreneur, Nickolas Holland, who would like to cease collecting a salary from one business while he spends time growing his second business. His choice would be to draw income from his shares of stock from his more stable first company. His plans have been thwarted by the heavy penalty of the Hall Tax.

Tennessee has done much to create an environment that is attractive to, and supportive of, its workers, business owners and retirees. In fact, my own home state of Missouri could learn much from our neighbor to the east. Volunteer State leaders should seriously consider putting an end to this “hidden” tax that penalizes seniors and job-creators and prevents future investors.

Read the entire article here.

April 4th, 2014 | Recent News

Subsidies to popular museums scrutinized

Fox 17 has a story about how some museums and tourist attractions receive taxpayer handouts, even though others that do not have much more visitors. Watch the entire interview here.

March 14th, 2014 | Recent News

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