11 of the Dumbest Comments from Tennessee Educators

August 25, 2014 2:30PM

Beacon just finished running a public awareness effort on Facebook so that Tennessee teachers would have the resources to opt out of the union if they so choose. While the response has been overwhelmingly positive – because most teachers are great, hardworking people – here are some of the “best” Facebook comments from a few bad apples in Tennessee.

1. You stay classy Tennessee.


2. It’s always great to hear a teacher call the very children she is supposed to be educating “ugly and vengeful.” She also needs some help writing coherent sentences.


3.  Apparently merely giving teachers information is “libertarian bulls***.”


4.  Just to be clear, in this situation the union is the bodyguard and the children are the murderers.


5. Of course there is the “Facebook should censor ads that don’t agree with my political agenda” teacher, because that ‘s how democracy works.


6. More than one teacher thinks that it’s appropriate to compare teaching without “union protection” to slavery.

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7. The teacher who thinks that because we have policy disagreements, Beacon should “be put down” like a dying animal.


8.  What this guy lacks in intelligence, he makes up for in originality.

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9. You can’t figure out the basic principles of Facebook, but we’re the idiots.