Top 10 of 2010

December 27, 2010 8:00AM

Below is a list of the top 10 stories and publications released by the Tennessee Center for Policy Research this year, according to how many page views each received on this website and our government accountability website, Here is a countdown of the list, in reverse order of popularity: 10. Bredesen jumpstarts car company with government money editor Chris Butler explains how only certain electric car manufacturers benefit from a state tax credit, while others are left out of the mix. 9. Tackling Public Transit in Tennessee A policy report looks at the economic and environmental implications of public transit in our state, released by TCPR and Cato Institute senior fellow Randal O’Toole. 8.  Stimulus money carries big costs for Tennessee business owners Chris Butler exposes how stimulus money is actually costing jobs in East Tennessee. 7.  Ash spill money pays for pet projects features a story about how local politicians in Roane County raided a fund meant for victims of a 2008 coal ash spill. 6.  A jury of their peers delves into the corruption of the Tennessee Court of the Judiciary. 5. Doctors lose out to TennCare system A story by Chris Butler exposes how a flawed database maintained by the Bureau of TennCare costs doctors thousands of dollars each year. 4.  2010 Lump of Coal Award TCPR awards its annual dubious distinction to the Roane County Economic Development Foundation (see #7 above) for scrooging local property owners. 3. How Business-Friendly are Tennessee’s Cities? TCPR ranks the top 50 most populous cities in Tennessee according to their business climate, with Mt. Juliet taking the prize as the state’s Most Business-Friendly City. 2.  TNInvestco series Through a series of stories on the state’s new TNInvestco program, leads the state legislature to bring accountability and transparency to the program. 1.  2010 Tennessee Pork Report The most famous annual publication of TCPR exposes $260 million in waste, fraud, and abuse by state and local governments across the state.