Drinking the Hemlock Kool-Aid

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TN Report offers an interesting analysis of the fallout from Hemlock Semiconducter, which was awarded nearly $300 million in taxpayer handouts before announcing massive layoffs at its Clarksville plant. TN Report gets Beacon Director of Policy Trey Moore’s take on the consequences of corporate welfare.

“One of our biggest complaints with the corporate welfare game is not simply ponying up on the front end to land a deal, but that then companies have even more bargaining power to hold local communities hostage,” he said. “We support clawback provisions insofar as they aim to mitigate the risk for taxpayers. But ‘clawbacks’ merely treat the symptoms, not the underlying disease.”

“And too often the damage is already done. How much money was the federal government able to claw back from Solyndra?”

Read the entire article at TNReport.com.

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