September 14, 2023 11:28AM

Mark and Taylor’s big takeaways on this episode of Decaf: – If you think Nashville property tax rates are bad, it could be worse (and it is in another big city in Tennessee). – If you are going to make a career of trying to take down school choice, maybe don’t send your kids to... READ MORE

September 8, 2023 11:27AM

✅ Knoxville residents are making moves toward more affordable housing. ✅ Should politicians have age limits? ✅ SEC teams were not looking great in week 1 of college football… ✅ Taylor has some controversial pizza-topping opinions. Get it all this week on Decaf! READ MORE

August 25, 2023 11:26AM

What do property rights, presidential debates, and college football have in common? Absolutely nothing! Other than that we talk about all of these things on this episode of Decaf! READ MORE

August 18, 2023 11:25AM

Another victory for Beacon’s legal clients, a catchy song (that might not be the favorite of politicians) sweeps the nation, a big blindside threatens to take down a famous football family, and so much more on this episode of Decaf! READ MORE

August 11, 2023 11:24AM

A new hat might be thrown in the ring in Tennessee’s U.S. Senate race next year, and Mark and Taylor shudder at the thought of any more government lockdowns. Get you weekly hot takes about these topics and so much more on this episode of Decaf! READ MORE

August 4, 2023 11:23AM

Self-driving cars in Nashville? Will someone else from the Democratic party run against President Biden in 2024? What’s going on with the U.S. Women’s World Cup Team? Do any brands or celebrities know how to handle a PR crisis? READ MORE