The Beacon Center has a team of litigators who fight for Tennesseans’ liberty day in and day out. We believe all Tennesseans – regardless of their means – have the right to pursue the American Dream. Therefore, we take up their legal cause at no cost to them when senseless government barriers stand in their way. We have successfully challenged state and local laws and regulations to restore Tennesseans’ economic liberty and property rights, and to eliminate government overreach in their lives.

Recent Success:


Food Trucks — January 2024: Mt. Juliet, in response to our case, changed the law that required food trucks to pay $100 per day to operate within city limits. As a result, our clients can take their award-winning food trucks back to Mt. Juliet.

Property Rights — May 2023: The Court ruled that the city of Nashville cannot avoid constitutional protections for private property simply by taking individuals’ property through legislative action. This was an enormous win for our plaintiffs and a reminder to Nashville that it cannot force a small group of property owners to cover the cost of public works. We are thrilled not only for our plaintiffs but for all citizens living within the Sixth Circuit.

Educational Choice – November 2022: The three-judge panel hearing the legal challenge to the state’s new ESA program dismissed the plaintiffs’ remaining claims. As a result, families can now use the ESA program to access better educational choices for their children.




Do you know someone who is trying to get ahead in life, but cannot because senseless legal barriers stand in their way?

If you or someone you know is trying to get ahead in life, but senseless legal barriers stand in the way, contact the Beacon Center Legal Foundation today.