Beacon Statement on Passage of Right to Try

April 16, 2015 3:31PM

Tennessee Passes Bill To Help Terminally Ill Senate Follows Lead of the House Today, the Tennessee State Senate took a monumental step and passed the Phil Timp-Amanda Wilcox Right to Try Act, which follows the passage of the bill in the House. The bill was passed unanimously on a bi-partisan basis in the Senate, signaling strong support from both Republicans and Democrats.

“Today is an exciting day of hope for Tennessee’s terminally ill. It’s refreshing to see legislators from all over the political spectrum come together and do what is right for our neediest patients,” said Beacon Policy Director Lindsay Boyd. “This bill will give terminally ill patients the hope they so badly want and deserve.”
The bill will go back to the House early next week for approval of a minor change adopted by the Senate. It will then head to Governor Haslam to be signed into law.