Beacon Weekly Roundup – August 26th

August 26, 2016 7:03AM

Beacon Blog Roundup

The Case for a Conservative Anti-Poverty Agenda in Tennessee

Lindsay Boyd lays out the case for conservatives to join the conversation on anti-poverty policies.

Massachusetts’ Tax on Ride Sharing is Corporate Welfare at Its Worst

Mark Cunningham discusses the various forms corporate welfare can take and the need for conservatives to hold a principled stance on the issue.

U.S. debt dollars are the sand our local economic castles are built on

A startling amount of people are now dependent on the federal government, Lindsay Boyd examines this growing statistic.

Beacon in the News

The Daily News Journal wrote an article on the Beacon Center’s campaign to end corporate handouts.

The Economist quoted Beacon President and CEO, Justin Owen, in a piece on Nashville’s growth and new mayor.