Joe Scarlett is the vice-chairman of the Beacon Center of Tennessee. Joe spent nearly thirty years in leadership roles with Tractor Supply Company most of it as President and Chairman. Today Joe is engaged in teaching and writing about leadership, working in the family foundation and striving to improve Tennessee.

In 1982 Scarlett played a key role in the initiative to return the company to profitability through improved customer service and focused product selection as part of a classic leveraged buyout. He was instrumental in developing the company culture which today is admired and often copied. In 1994 Joe led the successful effort to take the company public.

Tractor Supply Company was honored by Forbes as one of the “Best Managed Companies in America” and Scarlett was recognized as Ernst & Young’s Southeast Entrepreneur of the Year. Joe also served twenty years on the board of the nation’s largest retail trade organization, including four as its chairman.

Today Joe is

  • Engaged with The Scarlett Leadership Institute Institute which he helped co-found in 2006. The Institute is passionately committed to improving business leadership skills with a strong emphasis on ethical behavior.
  • Working in TheScarlett Family Foundation whose mission is ‘to provide educational support to Middle Tennessee students of all ages’.
  • Serving as vice-chairman of the Beacon Center of Tennessee, a nonpartisan research organization advocating for limited government, free markets and individual liberty at the state level.

These days you can find Joe coaching business and community leaders, teaching, and giving speeches on Tractor Supply Company, business leadership and ethical behavior. He can also be found traveling and goofing off!