TCPR Urges State House to Protect Tennesseans' Healthcare Choices

March 22, 2010 11:09AM

The Tennessee Center for Policy Research today called on the state House of Representatives to swiftly pass the “Health Freedom Act.” The bill would seek to safeguard Tennesseans from the unconstitutional healthcare reform bill that Congress passed in the dead of night on Sunday. The “Health Freedom Act” protects the right of Tennesseans to participate or not in any healthcare system, and prohibits the government from imposing fines or penalties on that person’s decision. It also protects the right of individuals to purchase—and the right of doctors to provide—lawful medical services without government fine or penalty. Finally, the act directs the state attorney general to take the necessary steps to protect these rights. The Center urges state lawmakers to follow the lead of their colleagues in Virginia and Idaho, who have passed similar measures to protect their state’s citizens. The Virginia attorney general declared just this morning that he will file suit against the federal government over the healthcare legislation once President Obama signs it into law. Attorneys general in Florida, South Carolina, Nebraska, Texas, Utah, Pennsylvania, Washington, North Dakota, South Dakota and Alabama have indicated their intent to file similar challenges. “There is now more need than ever to pass the Health Freedom Act,” stated Justin Owen, the Center’s director of policy and general counsel. “It’s no longer a precautionary measure; rather it is absolutely necessary to push back against an out-of-step and out-of-control Congress.” The Tennessee Senate recently passed the “Health Freedom Act” by a wide margin of 26 to 1. The legislation is now before the Industrial Impact Subcommittee in the House of Representatives. It is scheduled to be heard this Wednesday.


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