Amicus Brief: Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association

November 11, 2015 3:31PM

The Beacon Center Legal Foundation has joined an amicus brief, otherwise known as a friend of the court brief, supporting employee freedom in the Supreme Court case of Friedrich vs. California Teachers Union.

The case squarely challenges whether a state, in this case California, may require a public employee to pay public union dues to fund speech that the employee may find objectionable. In this case, the public sector employee is being compelled under the law to fund speech with which the employee deeply disagrees.

Beacon Center Litigation Director Braden Boucek noted, “We have joined this lawsuit because we believe that there are important First Amendment concerns. The Beacon Center does not believe that the First Amendment’s prohibitions against government compelled speech contains exceptions, and certainly not a “labor law” exception.”

You can read the full brief here.