Beacon Statement on Supreme Court Educational Choice Case


July 25, 2022 11:48AM

Beacon Center CEO Justin Owen stated, “First and foremost, we greatly appreciate that the Supreme Court decided to rehear the ESA case. Today’s hearing went very well, and we continue to be optimistic that the  Supreme Court will rule that this educational choice program can move forward. Despite consistently misleading claims from the local governments of Shelby County and Metro Nashville in an attempt to stall this program, we feel confident after today’s hearing that Nashville and Memphis families will finally have the choice they deserve. Although the counties tried to make this a case about education funding, yet again today they admitted that they will not lose money as a result of this program.”

Owen continued, “At a time that support for educational choice is at an all-time high across the country, it’s disappointing that these local governments care more about keeping their hold on power rather than giving children a quality education. We are confident the Supreme Court will rule in our favor and look forward to their decision.”

Institute for Justice (IJ) Managing Attorney Arif Panju, lead counsel for the Parent intervenors added, “Parents in Tennessee, like parents in school choice programs across the nation are perfectly capable of choosing the best schools for their kids. Tennessee’s new ESA program helps them do just that, and as today’s hearing makes clear, is perfectly constitutional.”