Beacon Weekly Roundup – August 5th

August 5, 2016 12:12PM

Beacon Blog Roundup

P.S: If this is Austin, what’s wrong with you?

Things are getting extra weird in Austin, TX lately. Hannah Cox details the city’s bizarre new regulations on Airbnb.

What Kevin Durant can teach us about government

Mark Cunningham discusses the NBA’s salary cap and explains how these rules have unintended consequences just like the minimum wage or “affordable housing”.

Beacon in the News

The Knoxville News Sentinel covered the launch of our corporate handouts website and even found some more examples of government favoritism in the state.

The state of Tennessee’s CON review board raised the minimum application fee 400% for hospital operators seeking to expand patient services and improve their facilities, The Heartland Institute profiles this retaliatory act.

The Paris Post-Intelligencer touted the Beacon Center’s Pork Report.

The Beacon Center’s work to repeal the Hall Tax was mentioned by The Standard Banner.