Beacon Weekly Roundup-July 29th

July 29, 2016 11:19AM

Beacon Blog Roundup

How Jason Fitz of the Band Perry and other Musicians are getting Fleeced

Braden Boucek explains how the American Federation of Musicians, a union, extorts money from musicians against their will.

What Education Savings Accounts and ‘Pokemon Go’ have in Common

Lindsay Boyd pulls from the Heartland Insitute to explain how ‘Pokemon Go’ and ESAs are similarly about mobility and freedom.

Beacon and SLF Warn That “Affordable Housing” Proposal is Illegal

The Beacon Center and the Southern Legal Foundation have teamed up to take on the Nashville City Council over its illegal, unfair, and unjust “affordable housing” proposal.

Beacon in the News

Campus ReformLebanon Democrat, Shelbyville Times-Gazette, and the Bartlett Express covered last week’s release of our annual Pork Report.

Clint Cooper of the Chattanooga Times Free Press lauded the Pork Report.

Beacon Spokesman Mark Cunningham was featured on a one-hour live segment of Morning Line on NewsChannel 5+ to discuss the Pork Report.