Beacon Weekly Roundup- June 24th

June 24, 2016 10:06AM

Beacon Blog Roundup

Beacon Center Launches Corporate Handout Watchdog Website

This week, the Beacon Center launched a new website,, to show Tennesseans how their hard-earned tax dollars are being doled out to big corporations in the form of handouts.

The Real Consequences of Raising the Minimum Wage 

Trey Goff details the downside of raising minimum wage for the very people it is supposed to benefit.

Beacon in the News

The Memphis Commercial Appeal highlighted the launch of our new website,

Fox 17 covered the launch of our new website by interviewing Beacon Center communications director Mark Cunningham.

Fox 17 also covered which Nashville corporations in particular receive taxpayer money using information from our new website.

Tom Humphrey of the Knoxville News Sentinel discussed our new corporate handout website.