Beacon Weekly Roundup – May 27th

May 27, 2016 11:26AM

Beacon Blog Roundup

The Shampoo Monopoly

Read Beacon Center’s Director of Litigation, Braden Boucek, explain why Tennessee’s shampoo licensing requirement is unconstitutional.

States Are Slashing College Budgets…And That’s A Good Thing

Read Beacon Center’s Outreach Coordinator, Hannah Cox, explain why the solution to the student loan mess is not more government spending.

Beacon In the News

The Desert News National published an article on the damaging effects of licensing regulations on small businesses and cited the Beacon Center’s lawsuit over shampoo licensing requirements in Tennessee.

The Memphis Business Journal quoted Beacon Center’s CEO, Justin Owen, in their article on the Hall Income Tax cut.

Other News

Governor Bill Haslam signed the Hall Income Tax cut into law this week!

For the first time in the Tax Foundation’s annual ranking of the states, the death tax is no longer a burden on Tennessee’s taxpayers.