Beacon Weekly Roundup – September 2nd

September 2, 2016 11:16AM

Beacon Blog Roundup

Politicians outraged that their ideas are costly

Justin Owen discusses the hypocrisy of Tennessee politicians who are outraged over how insurance premiums are expected to rise by up to 62% in 2017, yet who vigorously support Obamacare.

A System of the Past for the Future?

Hannah Cox expresses how Nashville’s latest public transportation proposal would build a system for the past instead of the future, as major cities have recently experienced a decline in public transit due to ridesharing apps.

Beacon in the News

Memphis Daily News quoted Beacon President and CEO, Justin Owen, on the massive insurance rate spike in Tennessee.

Justin Owen, Beacon President and CEO, discussed short term rental rights relating to AirBNB on Fox 17.

The Tennessee Department of Human Services wrote an article on the Fifth Annual Resilient Families Forum: 2G for Tennessee, in which they quoted Justin Owen on how the Beacon Center is dedicated to eliminating barriers that impede Tennesseans’ ability to succeed.