Beacon Weekly Roundup – September 9th

September 8, 2016 2:26PM

Beacon Blog Roundup

If the Government Doesn’t Protect Your Property, You Are the Property

Hannah Cox discusses Metro Nashville’s continued attacks on property rights.

Who’s Really to Blame for the EpiPen Controversy?

Caroline Menkes reveals the truth behind the EpiPen controversy.

Beacon in the News

Braden Boucek was interviewed by The Tennessean regarding Metro Nashville’s new affordable housing ordinance. 

The Tennessean discussed the Beacon Center’s fight to protect short-term rental properties.

Justin Owen talked to Channel 5 News about the ramifications of Nashville’s affordable housing bill.

The Tennessean wrote about the Beacon Center’s Airbnb lawsuit.

Braden Boucek spoke with Channel 4 News about caps on short-term rental properties.

The Nashville Business Journal reported the Beacon Center may sue over the two new affordable housing bills that Metro just approved.