Don’t Believe the Hype on Homesharing Opposition


November 28, 2017 1:06PM

Yet another poll indicates that homesharing is far more popular among Nashvillians than its opponents would have you believe. While there is certainly a very vocal minority opposition within city neighborhood associations, the vast majority of Nashville residents support homesharing. According to an online poll conducted by the Tennessean, of the 550 readers surveyed, more than 71% view homesharing favorably, while just 26% view it unfavorably.

This just goes to show that most Nashville residents are not buying what the opposition is selling. Despite few actual complaints of bad actors, homesharing opponents have consistently drummed up a beat for banning short-term renting, either within certain neighborhoods or even citywide. The Tennessean poll should cause city leaders to think twice before heeding those unreasonable demands.

When it comes to future regulations, more than 58% of residents either want regulations to remain as they are or even support lessening restrictions on homesharing. Just 42% support more regulations.

Even for those who want more restrictions, it’s likely that better enforcement could alleviate most of their concerns. Nashville has done a poor job focusing on regulations that actually punish bad actors rather than everyone involved in homesharing. We have called for reforms that would actually solve these problems, going after those who disrupt our neighborhoods, while embracing those homeowners who are actually making our city a better place. Given the Tennessean’s feedback, it seems that Nashville residents would agree.