How the Senate Stole Healthcare

December 22, 2009 8:05PM

Everyone down in America Liked their healthcare a lot . . . But the Senate up in Washington Certainly did NOT! The Senate so hated healthcare that on Christmas Eve, They planned a vote to take it over—oh how naïve. Mandates and taxes, bureaucrats and handouts, These are the things that the Senate bill touts. “The bill costs $1 trillion” the CBO calculated, “It’ll add none to the deficit” the president misstated. “This is the worst bill ever” said one Republican after another, “Of unfunded mandates” declared our governor “this is the mother.” A Senator from Nebraska was the last vote in need, So he wagered his soul to a Senate Leader named Reid. The holdout from Nebraska put Reid to the test, His state got free Medicaid paid for by the rest. So on the Eve of Christmas while Americans celebrated, A government takeover of their healthcare was orchestrated. You’ll soon be fined if you don’t buy insurance to comport, But lo and behold, you may qualify for taxpayer support! A family of four will be eligible for Medicaid, If under $22,000 a year is what they are paid. All others will get federal subsidies galore, So long as they make $96 grand and not a dollar more. Young people’s healthcare costs will surely skyrocket, By paying for others’ healthcare, they’ll have less in their pocket. According to the Wall Street Journal, a 25-year-old gent, Will see his healthcare costs rise by 178 percent! Democrats will soon have to explain their vote, And how they plan to keep the president’s agenda afloat. For any first year president, he has the lowest approval rating, Mainly because government-run healthcare is so grating. Their goal was to provide coverage to all rest assured, But even after all this, millions will remain uninsured. So what is the real motivation but government control, Of our high-quality healthcare on the Eve of Christmas they stole? Justin Owen is the director of policy & general counsel at the Tennessee Center for Policy Research.