Media matters, and so does consistency


May 30, 2014 10:10AM

Hypocrisy thrives nowhere as copiously as it does in the minds of Leftists. Take, for example, the recent fight by the United Auto Workers to unionize the Volkswagen Chattanooga plant. Coming to the UAW’s aid was Media Matters for America, a radical left-wing outfit that spins its top attacking groups like Beacon. When I teamed up with 17-year UAW member and ardent right-to-work activist Terry Bowman to pen an op-ed on the negative impact unionization could have on workers themselves and our entire state’s economy, UAW’s lapdog Media Matters came nipping at our heels. Attacking Beacon with the tired old “Koch-funded” line, Media Matters attempted to paint the fight as the big-bad billionaires against the little guy. Thank goodness for them, the little guy VW workers didn’t get their paycheck from big-bad Media Matters. When, less than two months later, a majority of Media Matters employees sought to band together under the Service Employees International Union, Media Matters went bonkers and launched an effort to stop employees from unionizing under their own roof. Don’t expect the shill group to learn from being the victim of its own double standard. That’s because the media will likely give it a pass just like they did when the outfit cried wolf arguing that groups like mine should disclose our donors…when Media Matters refuses to do so itself. When it comes to failing to report such hypocrisy, I guess the media really does matter after all. -Justin Owen Enjoy the Beacon blog? Help us keep it going with a tax-deductible gift.