“Nashville” TV show has impact, but at taxpayer expense

February 5, 2014 11:13AM

Proponents of the TV series “Nashville” claim in today’s Tennessean that the show benefits the city in a number of ways. Even so, says Beacon CEO Justin Owen, that doesn’t mean taxpayers should be forced to fork over millions of dollars to the show’s producers.

The new survey research, however, does not sway The Beacon Center of Tennessee, a nonprofit group that advocates for limited government and free markets, on whether taxpayers should contribute to the show’s budget. The center pointed to “Nashville” as an example of wasteful public spending in its annual “Pork Report” in June. “We certainly hope that a show promoting Nashville would be successful and would draw attention to our city, but that doesn’t mean taxpayers have to pay for it,”said Justin Owen, Beacon Center president.

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