Obamacare Shows The Problem with Modern Day Liberals


November 8, 2016 9:59AM

For the life of me, I cannot understand why so many people think that more government or more taxpayer money is the solution to problems that the government created in the first place.

Obamacare was a solution that liberals said would cure all of our healthcare problems in America. Insurance would be cheaper, and all Americans would have coverage they said. Well guess what, they lied. As healthcare premiums skyrocket all across the country, these very people should be apologizing with their tails between their legs. The architects of Obamacare completely misunderstood economics, and their big government vision was unsuccessful in healthcare just as it is with pretty much every government program.

But are they apologizing or at least admitting they were wrong? Of course not. The argument from the Left is now that the only reason Obamacare isn’t working is because there was not enough government involved in the program. Many of the same people who promised Obamacare would work are now promising that a single-payer healthcare system is the only solution to the healthcare problem that their policies created. How insane is that?

This is the equivalent of the fry cook at McDonald’s consistently burning the fries and then saying that the only way he can be successful in cooking fries is by giving him more money and responsibility over the burgers and chicken nuggets, too. You should not be given more responsibility when you are bad at your job, you should be fired.

This is a common problem for the American Left, assuming all the country’s woes are the result of insufficient government control. The “unfettered capitalism” (as they like to call it) is the problem, and more government is the solution in their minds. They seem to forget the fact that capitalism is the only reason we have such a prosperous and successful country. They seem to forget that people are coming here, both legally and illegally, from other countries with for more government for that very reason.

My solution is that we should have a rule for proponents of every failing government program. They should have to answer two simple questions. First, is this program necessary? Second, if it is decided in good faith by intelligent people on both sides of the aisle that the program is necessary, then if at all possible, can we turn it over to the private sector under government supervision? The way we solve these problems is by reducing the government’s involvement in our lives, not expanding it.

I have had it with the way many liberals continue to make excuses and blame the failures of their government programs on the free market or lack of regulation. It is time that we stand up and demand accountability from the government instead of continuing to give away both money and control over our lives.