Pork of Year Voting Now Open

June 4, 2015 2:26PM

Voting Now Closed

For the first time in Beacon history, we are leaving the “winner” of the “Pork of the Year” award up to you. We have compiled the 3 most outlandish examples of government waste below, but it’s up to you to decide which of these will win the infamous title of “Pork of the Year.” Here are the choices:

VW Handout- Tennessee taxpayers sending over $165 million to Volkswagen, who against their workers’ expressed wishes, are courting UAW​ with potential of becoming their gateway to the South.

Taxpayer Funded Trip to Disney World- A Hamblen County employee stealing nearly a quarter million dollars of taxpayer money for personal use, which included numerous ridiculous purchases such as a trip to Disney World.

The new state logo- State officials spending an outlandish $46,000 on a new state logo that is merely a red box with a blue line beneath it, along with the letters “TN” inside the box.