TCPR Launches “Mini Pork Report” Videos

July 14, 2010 1:15PM

Throughout the summer, the Tennessee Center for Policy Research will launch a series of “Mini Pork Report” videos. The videos will highlight some of the most popular targets for government waste identified in the 2010 Tennessee Pork Report. Visit our website each week for the release of a brand new “Mini Pork Report” video. Our first video, released on July 15, shows how state-run golf courses are sand traps for Tennesseans’ tax dollar. Watch the video by clicking the link below. 2010 Mini Pork Report: State-Owned Greens Wind Up in the Red Our second video, released on July 22, covers the state’s controversial TNInvestco program. 2010 Mini Pork Report: Pigs Get Fat and Hogs Get Slaughtered Released on July 29, the third video explains the inefficient Music City Star commuter train and its toll on taxpayers. 2010 Mini Pork Report: The Music City Debt Star Our research associates explain how the conversion of switchgrass to ethanol has left taxpayers in the dust. Released August 5. 2010 Mini Pork Report: Field of Dreams On August 13, we focus in on the misuse of tax dollars for political campaigns. 2010 Mini Pork Report: The Pen is Mightier than the Sword On August 19, we expose the millions of dollars wasted on government-funded art projects. 2010 Mini Pork Report: Government Waste That’s Easy to See Through