TCPR makes radio host's “Ralph Rant”

August 31, 2010 3:01PM

SuperTalk 99.7 FM host Ralph Bristol talks about the efforts by some to expand the state’s failing pre-Kindergarten program in his most recent “Ralph Rant.” The article notes former gubernatorial candidate Bill Gibbon’s efforts to use youth crime as a means to expand the program.

What would we do without politicians’ help? Whether they are members of Congress, state legislators, mayors or prosecutors, our politicians are selfless public servants willing to do whatever it takes to solve any problem we might have in our homes or our neighborhoods. Take Shelby County Prosecutor Bill Gibbons for instance. Gibbons was briefly a Republican candidate for governor, but he dropped out of the race early – probably because he had more important problems to tackle – a dangerous crime wave by Tennessee four-year-olds.

Click here to read the entire “Ralph Rant.” Then, catch Tennessee Center for Policy Research president Justin Owen on Ralph’s show this Thursday morning at 8:08 am to discuss our state’s pre-K crime problem. You can listen live at this link.