Tennessee Education Stories: Jeremy Upton

April 1, 2014 1:27PM

Jeremy Upton

  Jeremy Upton has attended St. George’s Independent School through the Memphis Opportunity Scholarship Trust (MOST), a private voucher program for low-income families. Jeremy’s mother Tiffany notes that, “The opportunity to choose my son’s school has made all the difference in the world. He loves his teacher and he loves to learn.” However, Tiffany also realizes that while she is fortunate to be able to send her son to a private school, not every parent has that same opportunity. “As a parent, having the option of choosing to apply funding where we feel best speaks to the needs of our child is one of the best assets we have,” she said. “Without financial assistance, he would not be receiving a private school education.” Tiffany also hopes that other families will recognize the benefits she and her son have attained through a better learning environment. “The holistic approach to families and to education is here, in the private school setting. I do think that you’ll find, through accountability, the family’s needs and definitely the child’s needs are put above anything else.” While public schools serve many students well, but for those like Jeremy, another path is best. We remove the barriers that stand in the way of Tennessee families seeking to provide their children with an education fits their unique needs. To learn more about Beacon’s efforts to advance school choice, click here.