The Dirty Dozen: Makeup Artist


November 17, 2017 12:21PM

If there is one thing I know, it’s that as a guy, I don’t know a lot about makeup. In fact, all I know is that it seems way overpriced and it takes up more of my bathroom counter every month. While I may not know much, I can still spot a sham when I see one.

The general rationale for a requiring a license to work in a field is that it protects the general health and safety of the public from unqualified practitioners. If you are having quadruple bypass surgery, you want to be reassured that the surgeon meets a certain level of competence. Yet when it comes to makeup, nearly half the population is putting it on and taking it off every day. I have seen my wife put on makeup, creams, facials, and other lotions and potions hundreds of times and never once have I feared for my wife’s health or safety. For decades, little girls have been grounded and disciplined for putting on their mother’s makeup. Why? Not because they are worried about the safety of their child, but because of wasting their expensive 360° eye cream.

However, for some reason, Tennessee believes to be truly qualified to put makeup on others, you need to spend 750 hours in a classroom and hundreds of dollars more in fees. If it was truly a public safety issue, shouldn’t we all need a license to use makeup, like to drive a car? Like I said, I may not know a lot about makeup, but I can spot a government money grab when I see one.