The Dirty Dozen: Security Alarm Installer


October 30, 2017 1:43PM

As noted in our locksmith blog post, the main line of defense for your home is the lock on your door. For those who are looking for extra security, many choose to install a burglar or other type of alarm system. An alarm system is a product—similar to a gun for self-defense—that you hope you never need, but if it ever comes in handy, you’re glad you have it. For that reason, it’s understandable to want to know that the person installing your alarm system is competent. Because if you only need it once, you want to know it’s going to work.

However, how long would it take to acquire the skillset required to install those systems? Six months? A year? Up to two years? What if I told you it would take you five years? (Said in my best Morpheus voice.) Would you believe me? Well, thanks to the state of Tennessee, it takes two years experience before you are approved to install alarm systems, but only if you have a “relevant” Bachelor’s degree. It takes four years if you have an Associate’s degree, or a full five years if you learned as an apprentice. I don’t know about your past jobs, but I’ve never had any job that took me five years (or 10,000 hours working eight hours a day) to master.

Here is the kicker; civil lawsuits, insurance, and bonding requirements are all just as effective at incentivizing people to do a good job on behalf of their customers. In fact, alarm system agents and companies are already required to have bonds of $100,000 for property damage and up to $300,000 for bodily injury or death due to negligence. When considering Tennessee’s outrageous alarm system licensing scheme, let’s ask ourselves “How can we accomplish the goal of public safety?” Not “How can we make it harder for people to get a job?”