Weekly Roundup April 1st

April 2, 2016 8:46AM

Beacon Blog Roundup

The Real March Madness

It’s the Championship round! Vote now in our bracket for the worst instance of corporate handouts in Tennessee.

Why Are We the Ones That Always Have to Prove It?

Mark Cunningham explores who should have the burden of proof when exploring a broken system. 

River Cruise Lays Off Steam in Face of Political Concerns

Beacon Attorney Braden Boucek goes in depth on how a 100-year-old law is hurting Memphis today.

Beacon Legislative Roundup

Direct Primary Care (HB2323) passed House Insurance and Banking and will be voted on by the full House next Monday night.

Right to Earn a Living Act (SB2469) passed Senate State and Local Government Committee.

Right to Earn a Living Act (HB2201) passed House State Government Committee.

Course Access (HB1879) passed House Government Operations Committee.

Policing for Profit (HB2176) passed the full State House of Representatives.

* You can read more about the bills by clicking on the links