Weekly Roundup March 18th

March 18, 2016 11:09AM

Beacon Blog Roundup

The Real March Madness

Vote now in our bracket of the worst instances of corporate handouts in Tennessee.

Why is the Answer Always More Money?

Mark Cunningham explores why we choose to throw more money at failing government programs rather than trying to actually fix them.

Tennessee Signs up for Healthcare Freedom

Justin Owen celebrates a big victory in the legislature and explains the benefits of Direct Primary Care.

Without Free States, Some Businesses Would Starve

As businesses continue to come to the Volunteer State from states with more regulation, Hannah Cox talks about the importance of low taxes and regulations when it comes to attracting businesses.

Beacon In the News

Fox News (National) wrote a piece on property regulations all over the country and devoted an entire section to the Beacon Center and our Airbnb case in Nashville.

Rod Williams at A Disgruntled Republican notes the Beacon Center’s role in helping to get Direct Primary Care through the Senate.

Beacon Legislative Roundup

Direct Primary Care (*SB2443) Passed the full Senate floor.

* You can read more about the bills by clicking on the link