Weekly Roundup March 25th

March 25, 2016 11:18AM

Beacon Blog Roundup

Preserving Tennesseans’ Right to Earn a Living

Standing in the way of many Tennesseans is the ever-increasing requirement that they get government permission to work.

Humanizing the Minimum Wage

How does the minimum wage actually affect those it is supposed to benefit?

Corporate Handout Classic

The bracket is down to the final four corporations who have taken your hard-earned money. Go vote on the most egregious big business handout!

Beacon in the News

Heartland quotes Beacon CEO Justin Owen on the withdrawal of the school choice bill in this year’s legislative session.

Beacon Legislative Roundup

Course Access (HB1879) Passed House Education Committee

Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform (HB 2065) Failed House Civil Justice Subcommittee

Certificate of Need Reform (HB 1730) Passed House Health Subcommittee

Direct Primary Care (HB 2323) Passed House Health Committee

Course Access (SB2497) Passed Senate Education Committee