Why is the answer always more money?


March 14, 2016 3:41PM

I am sick and tired of people on the Left suggesting that spending more money will solve the problems of our country. If I had a dollar for every time a Democrat said, “If we just spend more money on (insert any government program here) we can fix the problem,” I’d have enough money to pay for those preposterous free-college-for-all plans.

The issue with this line of thinking is that you are not only accepting, but actually rewarding incompetence and inefficiency. What possible incentive do government employees have to improve these programs when they know that they will get more funding even if the programs fail? The American taxpayer is essentially the worst venture capitalist of all-time, investing more money in people and programs that have proven to be failures without any plan to improve.

The best example of this comes in the form of education. How many times are we going to hear that if we just invest more money in schools, everything will somehow magically improve? Despite spending more money than most countries, the U.S. lags behind the rest of the world in education and studies have shown that there is almost no correlation between school spending and student achievement. When we continue to spend more money on failing government programs instead of trying to figure out the actual problem, it is the equivalent of putting a new paint job on a car with a broken transmission and expecting the car to run.

The problem with many government programs is that they are bureaucratic, inefficient, and unaccountable. While government will never run as efficiently as the private sector, we need to stop recklessly throwing money at the problem and make a real effort to streamline and improve government programs instead of continuing to throw money at them.