Beacon Weekly Roundup — May 20th

May 19, 2016 3:13PM

Beacon Blog Roundup

Session Recap: Policing for Profit

Lindsay Boyd discusses some of the positive changes made to the civil asset forfeiture law this session.

Session Recap: Certificate of Need Reform

Justin Owen explains why reform was so badly needed for certificate of need laws and why these changes will be beneficial to all Tennesseans.

Beacon In the News

Forbes published Justin Owen’s piece on why our hair washing lawsuit is so important in the fight against unfair occupational licensing laws.

Mark Cunningham’s blog post on corporate handouts to the show “Nashville” was picked up by the Daily Signal.

Raul Lopez, the executive director for Latinos of Tennessee, cites the research of the Beacon Center in his Tennessean op-ed about repealing the Hall Tax.

Beacon CEO Justin Owen was a guest on the Heartland Institute’s “In the Tank Podcast,” where he talked about the Beacon Center and the issues we work on.