Beacon Releases Alternate Nashville Transit Plan


July 3, 2018 8:45AM

Today, the Beacon Center of Tennessee released its long-awaited alternate transit plan for Nashville. The solutions offered are not only cost-effective and efficient but can also be implemented quickly to solve congestion problems immediately. This comes months after the unaffordable and ineffective Let’s Move Nashville transit plan proposed by Metro government was overwhelmingly defeated at the polls.

In January, Beacon held a forum called Off Track: What’s Wrong with Nashville’s Transit Plan & What We Should Do Instead where experts reviewed the proposed plan and offered alternative solutions to alleviate congestion. Since that forum, Beacon has been researching and studying other transit proposals and solutions across the country.

It is important that we are not just against something, but also have solutions to the problems we face as a city and a state. We have to be proactive in addressing the congestion in Nashville. We listened to the citizens and came up with a plan that does much more to alleviate congestion and offer alternate forms of transportation. This plan uses common sense and each proposed option can be implemented by itself making it much more affordable and effective.

You can see the alternate plan by clicking here.