Checking-in With Madison Ott

April 5, 2017 10:41AM

We’ve been following Madison Ott’s journey since 2015 when she was awarded the Beacon Center’s Inaugural Opportunity Scholarship. Through her scholarship Madison was able to access educational choice and decided to enroll in high school at The King’s Academy in Seymour, Tennessee. She is now in the second semester of her sophomore year and on track to graduate a full year early! Read on to find out more about Madison’s exceptional journey.

Tell us about how far you’ve come in the past year.

In the past year I feel like I have come quite a long way. I feel that I have matured and I’ve become more of the person I’m supposed to be. This is greatly due to my being able to attend the King’s Academy. This school has pushed me to become someone who sees more for the world and someone who tries to see the positive in the worst of situations. Because of the school environment I’m in I feel inspired, and this feeling isn’t one that I was getting when I was attending a public school that didn’t fulfill my needs as a student or as a person in the process of transitioning from a child to an adult.

What is your favorite subject and why?

My favorite subject this year is without a doubt chemistry. Science classes usually aren’t my favorite classes to take, but this year is definitely an exception. I think that chemistry is my favorite subject this year because of my teacher. He genuinely cares about all of us. He makes learning fun and I feel that my classmates would agree with that statement.

What are some of your future plans or possibilities?

Well first off I have to graduate, which because of the online English class I’m taking this year I will be doing in 2018-an entire year earlier than when I should be graduating! Once I graduate I will definitely be attending college and that college will most likely be within a day’s drive of my mom. (I think she’s scared of her little chick leaving the nest, but that’s a different story.) I haven’t fully decided what I plan to study in college. I’ve thought about getting a degree in physical therapy, business and so many other things, but I haven’t come to a conclusion just yet.

Tell us what King’s Academy means to you. 

The King’s Academy means more than anything to me. Since I attended two years of middle school here it’s basically felt like a second home to me. The people here are family. The friends I have here are friends I will have for life. I feel like the people I meet here are like me in so many ways. Here I just click with people in ways I never have before and it’s a great feeling.

How has the opportunity to be in this school versus your old school opened doors for you?

Being able to attend school at The King’s Academy has opened many more doors than would have been open to me at my old school. Here I have the opportunity to spend one-on-one time with my teachers if it’s necessary, whereas at my old school this was never an option. Another thing that this school has done for me is that through the nurturing environment it provides me with, I am able to grow in ways I previously didn’t even know needed to grow-not only academic ways, but in ways that help me to become a better person.