Gluzman Amicus Brief

May 17, 2017 3:02PM

In this brief, the Beacon Center, joined by other luminary organizations, Cato Institute and Goldwater Institute, filed this amicus brief in support of Maxiliano Guzman. Mr. Gluzman is an Argentinian-educated attorney who married a Tennesseean, and moved to Nashville to obtain his LL.M. Degree from Vanderbilt Law, the most advanced law degree they offer. Despite him having a 3.9 GPA and immaculate referrals from some of the most renown professors at Vanderbilt, he was denied the chance to take the Tennessee bar exam because of his foreign degree. Tennessee stands virtually alone in being so restrictive towards foreign born lawyers. Well-credentialed foreign lawyers like Mr. Gluzman should be treated like everyone else. All he asks for is the chance to show that he is qualified by taking the test.

Central to this brief is the Right to Earn a Living Act, which we have advocated and promoted elsewhere. The Act affirmed a longstanding principal in Tennessee — the right to earn a living is a fundamental right. It cannot be subjected to arbitrary and oppressive burdens. As argued in this brief, because of the Act and what it represents, Tennessee regulatory agencies should afford the right a wide berth and not deny someone even the opportunity to demonstrate his or her abilities absent clear public need.

We are pleased to be joined by such prestigious organizations as Cato and GWI.

You can read the full amicus brief here.