UAW Creeps Closer to TN


September 11, 2014 2:25PM

News broke this morning that Volkswagen’s Works Council is backing the United Auto Workers (UAW) play at the VW Chattanooga plant. Despite losing an election, the UAW continues to try and unionize the plant, which would become the first foreign auto plant to become unionized in the South. When state and local politicians forked over $230 million in corporate welfare to VW Chattanooga just a few months ago, we warned far and wide that taxpayers could be getting more than they bargained for with the deal. With today’s news, it looks more and more like Tennessee taxpayers could be funding the UAW’s march into the South. Taxpayers who disagree with the UAW’s radical political agenda should think twice about allowing politicians to shake out their pockets and hand their hard-earned money over to companies willing to ignore their workers and cozy up to groups like the UAW. -Justin Owen