School Choice for Tennessee Families Within Reach


January 20, 2016 3:41PM

Earlier today, the House Finance Subcommittee voted 7-2 to pass the Tennessee Choice & Opportunity Scholarship Act. The program would give low-income families a lifeline—the chance at an education that meets their child’s needs. For too long, only the wealthy or privileged in our state have had true school choice. Thanks to the members who supported this opportunity scholarship bill, that choice is now within reach of thousands of families who are currently stuck in schools that are failing their children.

This is a huge victory for Tennessee. It signals that state legislators are ready to side with children over adults, and are prepared to fund students, not systems. The bill has a few more hurdles before becoming a reality. Up next is the full House Finance Committee, and it if passes there, it’s on to the House Floor where it can be enacted into law. Today’s vote is a major step in that direction. Now let’s keep moving forward for the children of our state.