Property rights are essential to the preservation of a free society. The Beacon Center is committed to the protection of property rights in all forms, and works to promote greater freedom and individual liberty, with much of our most recent focus spent on ensuring that property owners of short and long-term rentals, such as Airbnb, HomeAway, and VRBO hosts, have their constitutional rights to the discretional and responsible use of their properties protected.

Additionally, we have and will continue our efforts to end the abuse of eminent domain, which permits government to confiscate the property of Tennesseans across the state when they’ve arbitrarily determined it to serve a greater “public good”. In these circumstances, property owners are often times offered far less than market value for their land or home, while government often times fails to deliver on the “public good” they claim the taking to serve.

The Beacon Center also endeavors to bring an end to the abusive practice of civil asset forfeiture, which empowers law enforcement to seize an individual’s property based solely on probable cause to suspect the property owner of wrongdoing.

Unless the rights of property owners in Tennessee are defended, other rights will be eroded over time.

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